Industrial-grade Raspberry Pi

Our “industrial grade” Raspberry Pis were developed after our customers expressed a desire for hardware which fully utilized Raspberry Pi software and related intellectual assets while being able to withstand the rigors of the various harsh environments.

All-in-One, a Tailored IoT Gateway or Open Controller

Thanks to its excellent heat dispersion, the MICA-R can be continuously operated, while the IP65 housing enables the MICA-R to be installed outside a control cabinet or even outdoors. The biggest advantage of the MICA-R is the custom board on the left side of the device. Manufacturing IoT platforms often requires the Raspberry Pi to connect with/to sensors, actuator, or external systems. By developing a custom board with necessary external interfaces, the MICA-R can be a unique all-in-one IoT gateway or open controller. We offer various custom board options for the MICA-R already, but we also accept requests to develop new custom boards at affordable costs.

MICA-R Product Portfolio


Raspberry Pi – based MICA-R

This is a Raspberry Pi with metal housing and interface connectors which fulfill IP65 and industrial standards. The main board, on the right, is powered by a 24V DC supply. It also has USB2.0 and LAN ports. On the left, a variety of custom board options are available, including a blank board without interfaces, IO-Link, LAN+COM, USB2.0 or STM32. In addition, custom boards can also be developed upon request.

DebianベースMICA 2

Debian-based MICA 2

This model is Debian-based industrial computer with Linux container system. The dedicated containerized application for MICA 2 provides a higher security OS kernel. It fulfills railway standards, including IRIS and EN 50155. This model is already used in Japanese passenger trains. Selected custom board options are also available for the MICA 2, but 100% compatibility with Raspberry Pi applications is not guaranteed.


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