MICA-R series: The Environmentally resistant Industrial Raspberry Pi

MICA-R series: The Environmentally resistant Industrial Raspberry Pi

HARTING’s Industrial Raspberry Pi MICA-R/R4 series are designed to meet the requirements of manufacturing sites, such as reliability, environmental resistance, long-term operation, and acquisition of various industrial standards, while ensuring 100% compatibility with the Raspberry Pi.
(Photo:MICA-R4 Basic IP65)

Built-in Raspberry Pi Compute Module

The MICA-R/R4 series is equipped with an embedded Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It is a genuine Raspberry Pi from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the same supplier of general Raspberry Pi that is popular for educational and hobby purposes. Although the shape is different, the processor and RAM, which are the brain, are the same as the general Raspberry Pi. Basically, the OS and software that run on a general Raspberry Pi can be used in the same way, making prototyping and development easy.

Present MICA-R series

Powered by Compute Module 3+ (CM3+)

Equivalent to general Raspberry Pi 3B+
・Processor BCM2837B0

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+
Raspberry Pi CM3+

MICA-R4 series 【New】

Powered by Compute Module 4 (CM4)

Equivalent to general Raspberry Pi 4
・Processor BCM2711
・1/2/4/8GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM

Raspberry Pi C M4

Raspberry Pi ready for industrial use

The MICA-R / MICA-R4 series unique carry board that receives the Compute Module is built with industrial grade components. The robust metal housing also functions as a heat sink for surface heat dissipation, enabling continuous operation in harsh environments with excellent heat dissipation properties.
IP65 models are dustproof and waterproof with M12, M8, M5 and waterproof USB connectors, and can be installed without a control panel even in environments subject to dust or oil mist, or outdoors.

All-in-one & tailor-made Realization of IoT gateway and open controller

Structure of MICA-R4

The biggest feature of the MICA-R/R4 series is the ability to mount a custom board on the left half of the chassis. IoT at manufacturing sites requires connections with various sensors, actuators, and external systems. By creating a custom board with the necessary interfaces, an ideal all-in-one IoT gateway or open controller can be realized with MICA-R / MICA-R4.

MICA-R4 series lineup

■ with Extension board Model
・MICA-R4 USB [USB extension board](IP20/65)
・MICA-R4 USB GPIO [USB extension board+ GPIO D-Sub15pin](IP20)
・MICA-R4 LAN/COM [LAN+COM extension board](IP65)
・MICA-R4 IO-Link [IO-Link Class A port extension board] (IP65)
・MICA-R4 SENSOR [Sensor board implement STM32](IP65)
・MICA-R Multi IO/DIO [IO control board implement STM32](IP20)

■withouut Extension board Model
・MICA-R4 BASIC [Standard model](IP20/65)
・MICA-R4 GPIO [GPIO D-Sub15pin](IP20)

In addition to the above, we can also develop additional custom boards according to customer requests at low cost.



Compute Module 3+


【New】 Compute Module 4