Raspberry Pi ready for industrial use

The industrial Raspberry Pi, born in Europe, was developed in response to requests for the development of industrial devices that can utilize the overwhelming cost performance and intellectual assets of the Raspberry Pi.

Easy manufacturing site edge computing

The RevPi series is a model that pursues cost and ease of use, and more than 1000 units are already in operation on automobile production lines and machine tools.
Although it costs about 30,000 yen (basic model), it is ideal for applications such as traceability data collection, PLC linkage, and digital signage (information display on a large screen) as a computer that can be easily attached to a control panel with a DIN rail.

RevPi S series/SE series

Due to the global shortage of semiconductors, the supply of CM3+ installed in the conventional RevPi Core 3+/Connect+ continues to be inadequate. Therefore, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the supplier, will provide Compute Module 4S (CM4S) as a special alternative to CM3+. The CM4S is a Compute Module with the same form factor as the CM3+, with a more powerful ArmCortex-A72 processor.
We will soon start selling the RevPi S series and SE series equipped with CM4S instead of CM3+.

RevPi family

RevPi Product Line-up

<Base module>

New series “S series” and “SE series” (coming soon) by Compute Module 4S with Arm Cortex-A72 processor, more powerful than previous RevPi based on Compute Module 3+.


RevPi Core S / CoreSE

RevPi base module standard model
CM4S 8/16/32GB


RevPi Connect S / Connect SE

RevPi base module I/O extension module

<Expansion I/O module>

This is a module for extending digital input/output and analog input/output to the RevPi base module.
Up to 10 units can be connected to RevPi Core S/SE, and up to 5 units can be connected to RevPi Connect S/SE.


DIO module

Digital I/O module


AIO module

Analog I/O module

Discontinued products

The following products have been discontinued for new purchases.
For new purchases, please consider the RevPi S series, SE series, or MICA-R4.
Manuals and software for customers who have purchased can be viewed on the download page.

RevPi Core 3+

RevPi Connect+

RevPi Compact

RevPi Core 3

RevPi Core 3

RevPi Connect

RevPi Connect