RevPi Compact

RevPi Compact

About RevPi Compact

RevPi Compact is a Raspberry Pi based compact controller equipped with digital and analog I/O interfaces and also RS-485.

Specifications – RevPi Compact

Part Number72PR100272 (with CODESYS preinstalled: 72PR100272C01)
Raspberry PiCompute Module 3+
ProcessorBCM2837B0, 1.2GHz, quad-core
FlashCM3+ Onboard eMMC 8GB
OSRaspbian version Jessie/Stretch incl. RT-Patch
Interfaces 2 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet (using separate MAC addresses)
4 x USB Type-A (Total current draw from both sockets max. 2 A)
1 x RS-485max. 500 kbps, termination switchable by software (not galvanically isolated)
1 x Micro-USB  (solely for image transfer to eMMC)
1 x HDMI
Digital Inputs8 x digital Inputs
Input threshold: at 24 V DC compatible to type I and III sensors according to EN 61131-2
Digital Outputs8 x digital Outputs
High-side with 10 k pull-down resistor, short-circuit proof (internal temperature switch-off), potential separation system/digital outputs.
Maximum current load: Per output: 500 mA @ 24 V DC (resistive load).
Sum of all outputs: max. 2 A @ 24 V DC (resistive load)
Analog Inputs8 x analog Inputs
0-10 V DC, single ended, 16 Bit at piControl, 21 Bit raw value, software switchable current source 2.5 mA
Analog Outputs 2 x analog Outputs
0-10 V, short-circuit proof, protection against backfeeding, 8-bit resolution,
1 % accuracy, max. current load 10 mA (10 V DC @ 1 k)
Power supplytyp.24VDC(10.8VDC~28.8VDC)
Power consumptionapprox. 20W(incl. 10 W USB)
Operating temperature-20~55℃
Storage temperature-40~85℃
Protection degreeIP20
Housing materialPolycarbonate
Size(HxDxW)90 x 58 x 160.6 mm (protruding parts not included)
Weightapprox. 290g (connectors included)
RTCsupercapacitor backup Min.24hours
EMIEN61131-2, IEC 61000-6-2
EMSEN61131-2, IEC 61000-6-2
MountingDIN-rail mounting

Download datasheet (Japanese)