Acceleration Sensor

About Acceleration Sensor sMICA-ACC

With a metal casing, this sensor is water and dust proof with an integrated temperature sensor. When attach to the target motor by an M6 male screw, this sensor is ideal for monitoring the condition of motors or other rotating mechanisms. The sensor probe is connected to our Industrial Raspberry Pi, MICA-R STM32 SENSOR, or rMICA-vibration, via a 2m cable.

Specification – sMICA-ACC

sMICA-ACC [Part Number: 72SMICAACCR01]
Mounting type M6 male screw
Operating temperature -20~85℃
IP rating IP66
Housing material Aluminum, hard anodized
Size φ21.3 x 33.4mm(protruding parts and cable are not included)
Length approx. 2m
Connector M8, 8 pin, male
inside the probe

Single axis vibration accelerometer
(analog voltage output)

Measurement range -10g~+10g
Bandwidth 0 ~ 10kHz(±10%)
Noise density 25μg/√Hz
Nominal sensitivity 40mV/g
Sensitivity change due to temperature ±2%
Linearity error ±0.1%FS
Crossaxis sensitivity -1~+1%
Supply voltage 5V
Temperature sensor
(I2C output)
Measurement range -40~125℃
Accuracy ±3℃(-40~85℃)
Resolution 10bits
Supply voltage 3.3V

3-axis MEMS
(I2C output)

Measurement range 2~16g
Sample rate 1Hz
Resolution 10bits
0g Offset error -250~250mg
0g Offset temp. drift ±1.2mg/℃
Linearity error ±0.5%FS
Crossaxis sensitivity -1~+1%
Supply voltage 3.3V