Custom MICA-R/R4 Expansion Board

Further Expanding the Industrial Raspberry Pi

The MICA-R accommodates various custom boards, from indispensable interfaces for IoT applications to microcontrollers necessary for A/D conversion and fast sampling of sensors. Custom boards are installed on the left side of the device and internally connected to the Raspberry Pi module. Either 5V DC or 24V DC power is supplied to the custom board. Depending on the interface needs, the face panel contains M8 and/or M12 connectors, which are IEC-standardized IP65/67 connectors.

Custom Boards Realize Unique and Ideal IoT Platforms

We offer five types of custom boards for MICA-R: USB, IO-Link, LAN+COM interface line, vibration sensor connection, and AGV/machine control. Responding to market demands, our future road map includes adding custom boards for FA analogue sensors (4-20mA) and a NVIDIA JETSON GPU for computer vision or machine learning calculations. In addition, we also accept orders which include developing new, affordable, custom boards based on the customer’s unique needs.

MICA-R/R4 Custom Board Product Portfolio

USB board

Containing two USB2.0 and a IP67 Push-Pull connector, this allows any Linux-compatible USB device to be connected such as cameras, sensors, speakers, LED signal towers, RFID readers, or bar-code readers. We recommend our USB-hub if you use large power consumption USB devices.

2x USB2.0:PushPull/USB2.0 Type‐A

IO-Link board

With four IO-Links and a M8-4pin connector, connect any IO-Link devices such as proximity sensors, RFID readers, or linear scales. More than four sensors can be used via IO-Link hubs.

4 x IO-Link master Class A: M5, 4 poles, female

LAN + COM board

Additional LAN and serial communication port allows the Raspberry Pi to be used as a gateway application for processes.

1 x LAN: M12 D-coded, 4 poles, female
1 x COM: either RS-232C or RS-485 by model: M12 A-coded 8 poles, female

STM32 vibration board

A high-performance microcontroller, STM32F4, enables microsecond fast sampling rate and 12bit AD conversion. You can connect up to 3 vibration sensors for motor monitoring.
Please contact us if you want to connect another type of MEMS sensor.

4x sMICA-ACC: M8 8 poles, female



STM32 control board

Fully utilizing the STM32F4 microprocessor I/O, this board can drive sensors and actuators to control AGV or other machines via two 16 DIO for a total of 32 DIO, two 1-5V AO M8 8pin connectors, and a choice of a M12-17 pin connector or a CAN/I2C connector.

2x GPIO1/GPIO2:M12, 17 poles, female
1x CAN/I2C:M8, 8 poles, female